Coop unplayable on Console


Hello all

Me and my friend bought Inquisitor and the new Addon yesterday. We love 40K and we wanted something to play in coop so we picked this game. Today we had our first coop session and it was a nightmare. Lags, framedrops, freezes etc. We had to stop cause it was unplayable. To be honest we are pissed caused we paid for a game we cant play. This game is out for almost 2 years as much as I know so I highly doubt they will fix this but I still wanted to ask if there are any plans to fix this? If not it was a big waste of money but at least the devs have our money already :/

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Coop unplayable on Console
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2 years 239 days ago
Its just how it is. Sadly agree. It is cool, already informed my subscribers of my youtube to advoid it like a plague. They had the bs idea to tell me to play off challenge mode and play normal to make multiplayer run better. But then its a joke and a snore gameplay and still chokes.
2 years 242 days ago
Also wrote a pm to Neocore and after over a week there is still no reply. Nice to see how they give a fuck about their customers. At least me and my friends know what company we have to avoid in the future.
2 years 248 days ago
Oh yeah its not getting fixed. Same issue man, I am very angery about same thing.