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1 - actually, playing coop is crazy . But the most anoying fact is having to deal thousands of damages to kill a mob when the HP counter on the target says 500 remaining on 5K HP (for example). Just taking in account my own damage, my character has to deal 2, 3 or even 5 times more damages than the HP pool of a mob.

And considering the friend with me on discord says the same, i really wonder WTF happens. Playing coop is actually a mess, a loss of time and effort, not fun.

Playing at 2 is barely ok, 3 or 4 characters in a team is a lag / desync fest, totally unplayable.

2 - account stash is too small. We need to be able to buy more rooms.

3 - the overall perk / skill system is good. But we need more precision on how particular 'tag' categories interact with some perk / skill.

example : are cone effect = aoe effect too, or not ? How are they affected by skill modifying damage and size of an AoE ?

Them game looks still promising.

But there's a lot of work before it's in a release state (especially optimization .net).

As for now, most of my online friends will wait before buying.

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coop, stash
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6 years 28 days ago

Totally agree with you, coop is more overcoming than enjoying for now :) 

And I also can see some strange behavior of mobs in coop, seem they are more robust or damage comes with delay or whatever else is happening but it is a feeling that sometimes mobs are simply ignoring damage