Good day, I am addressing a problem about the cooperative, yesterday (10.10.21) we played with friends in the "void hike", followed it along the route (I attach an image), at the end we opened 4 chests and void chest, clicked on the exit from the mission. After the release, the levels of the characters rolled back, all the loot was gone, it was our 2nd joint "void hike", I would like you to compensate for the time spent.

Players who participated in the company : Blocked - crusader, 

Lukas Alexander- psyker , 

DihoN- crusader , 

mihail52- assasin (lost about 20 levels)

Estimated time spent on passing 2:45 (hours)

Image of the map with the passed sections

Screenshot from the final KHORNE mission

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1 year 115 days ago
Noted, make sure to check your inventories regularly!

Sorry for the caused troubles.