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Can we please have a structure on our ship that allows us to turn controller support on, in game? Something I can click, maybe? 

In most languages, it's just a toggle, I think? If there's a systemic reason it can't be done, I understand. But...half the time my controller doesn't get recognized by the game. So I have to unplug it and replug it in, and then reboot the game. Which means that 20 minute mission I was going to crack out before I went somewhere, is now off the table and I gotta wait 2 hours for the wife to wander through the store to play Martyr. Which makes my soul hurt. 

Maybe we could have this added to the beta? Unless better controller support is already in. But just this one little thing would undo like...80% of my frustration with the game. And my wife's shopping habits. kthxbai. <3


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Controller toggle
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6 years 66 days ago

I'd also be very happy to be able to use mouse, keyboard AND controller at the same time.

If not possible, a toggle 'on fly' could solve the problem.