Constant Disconnects!


Seriously, what is the point of having co-op if the servers disconnect on EVERY MISSION?! I purchased 2 copies with the dlc for myself and my wife and we can not play together at all. Clearly is has been a issue for some time, after looking at posts online.Why hasnt this been addressed? If it is not going to be fixed, I definitely want to know who I need to talk to about refunding everything because this is crap.

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Constant Disconnects!
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1 year 283 days ago
Would you please tell us on what platform are you playing?

Do you have any ancient relic items with the following unlock requirement 'Consume {resource}? This particular requirement can go into the negative since the last patch and those who equip an item with the requirement on it can experience connection issues in coop. 

1 year 285 days ago
Have not experienced that for long time. Must be some recent issue :) patience they usually fix it quite quckly.