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Good day ! 

First of all Great Game , Amazing Work neocore . 

Its a couple days now , that i can't get to any multiplayer room - i can't play co - op at all , also when im aplying for a Cabal , is saying that i have made an application for that cabal , but can't get invited in to it ,  for example i have contact the Grandmaster from a cabal that i have applied for that cabal , but in return from the cabal side , no application was made , i also tryied to directly invite me a cabal  member , but never recieved the invitation to it.  this is an example of what im experienced.

For the co - op over lvl 80 can't find any rooms , at recruiting tab  that are the rooms of the games existing , i see the same rooms names same ppl for over a week now , when also refreshing the tab is keep showing me only those 7 rooms .  i don't believe that the game has only 7 rooms of low lvl players betwween 1-10lvl . 

i'm a PS plus member active.

Thanks in advance , i hope u will fix this thing for me because , really this game the co-op experience is awesome and i miss it.

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Console Edition Playstation
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