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Love ya guys, love your games but would you guys consider a reorganization of the forum? It would be great if it could be divided into subforums for each of your games. 

For wh40k for example dividing it into sections for builds, guides, discussions would make a huge difference in terms of utility. New players would be able to find useful information that will help them better understand the game mechanics. A weekly or monthly community feature where developers showcase builds, or better explain game mechanics, or upcoming features can be showcased on the forums. You can even stream void crusade playthroughs with the developers. While the current forums do kinda do this, it is rather messy and most useful posts get lost.

If anything dedicated subforums can help bring the community together and promote interaction player-player and player-developer. Players also love to theorycraft, and show off there builds, heck you could even add a rating to build posts so players can better identify the more succesful ones.

And totally unrelated, but what is the reason behind not being able to read/talk global chat during missions? Most players spend the majority of the time in missions not being able to communicate or interact with other players that are not in there group. 

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