Co-op is must, and better combat


Hi all. Some quick feedback from me. I would like to play the game much more (especially in co-op), but the state of the game is still poor.

-Real co-op content. For example void crusades would be nice to start with.. Intel missions, Unholy cathedral etc...would be nice too.

-Melee+range dual wield is poorly done. I would like to use chainsword with bolt pistol for example, but is way to weak compare to having a shield. Sword+shield gives better damage, better defense and crowd control. Having some stronger new skill when melee+pistol equipped, could fix this problem. Or a bit lazier idea, just give us the 3. and 4. skill from pistols, same way when are using them in dual mode of same type, but we could use it with melee too.

-Add unit collision to the game. Running through enemies takes away from immersion and from intense gameplay. More strategic thinking will born when we can be blocked.

-Remove the cover system.

-Remove vehicle missions.

-Give an option for friendly fire mode.

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Co-op is must, and better combat
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93 days ago
Couch co op and performance need to be top of the list for the sequel or major update.I really enjoy playing the game but no proper couch co op is a bummer and the performance is still terrible when facing certain enemies and mobs.Base Ps4
98 days ago

I think most people would agree on co-op void crusades and intel missions. I think I personally wouldn't run Unholy Cathedral co-op, and it would need an additional leader-board. But, I have nothing against it either.

I currently run a psyker dual-wield sword/pistol and he seems to work out ok. I haven't tried any other classes (is it only the assassin that can dual-wield like that? I don't think the crusader can).

As to unit collision, I don't disagree, but pathfinding would probably need some work too.

On cover, I use it, but can't you just not use it? Not sure why it should be removed.

On vehicle missions, I thought they were fun like the first time around. But, I wouldn't mind seeing an option to skip them.

Friendly-fire is an interesting idea, it would add more challenge to co-op and require more communication. Good idea! Having it optional is ok, or adding a new difficulty level that includes it.