Charybdis Outpost Priority Assignment


I try to do the Charybdis Outpost Priority Assignment but i have to repeat the same quest again and again. I did it maybe 7 times and can't do the next part. I tried log out and in but no helped...

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Charybdis Outpost Priority Assignment
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29 days ago
I started the Charybdis Outpost again with my lvl 88 seasonal character. Same bug.  Can't finish, only the same map again.
31 days ago

I checked on the report I made during the time you created this thread: our developers found no active assignment on your character back then and assumed that the problem disappeared. In this case we will re-check the issue.

Please keep in touch if possible, we may need some additional information from you in the following days. Thank you!

32 days ago
Update:the bug could be solved in a simple way:

Simply abandon "Charybdis" mission, and all the fate/glory points came back.

33 days ago

I've received more reports of similar issues from other communites. Always the "Charybdis" problem.

Besides, ,many players cannot get Fate/Glory points after missions, forcing them to start a new character, or simply abandon the game...

Hope the dev guys could solve this issue before next season, otherwise it could be a huge blow to player morale.

Before that,  I've already begun warning other players not to play "Charybdis".

38 days ago
I see another player have the same problem...

79 days ago

Nothing just yet, our developers are still checking the issue as they could not yet figure out the source of the problem. Nevertheless they are on it!

Sorry for taking this long.

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83 days ago
Any news?
94 days ago
I play with my lvl 93 seasonal character. 
94 days ago

Thank you for getting back to us, we will check it.

One additional thing: as we see you have several characters. Did you try to complete the DLC with various characters or just one? Which one was that?

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96 days ago
I uninstall and reinstall the game, started the DLC again, but can't finish it again. I done the map, but i can do it only this again and again.


MapCfg: Charybdis_step1b

Thank you for your help.

136 days ago

We tested the DLC before and after it released but could not find any similar problem. Could you please tell us the name of the map? /mapinfo in chat reveals the name. Thank you in advance.

137 days ago
Hi. Can you help me with this? I can do the same mission only again and again and i can't do the next mission.