Character progress not saved, daily quests bugged


Game: Van Helsing Final Cut

OS: Win 7 Ultimate x64 

have two characters, phlogistoneer Iron Curtain (lvl 94) and bounty hunter Telion (lvl 40).

Yesterday during my gaming session I leveled up Telion to level 43 and earned enough adventure currency to buy a gold chest key on my main character, Iron Curtain. As Iron Curtain I also completed a couple adventures and found a new epic belt. I also received a new set item (chest armor piece) when opening the gold chest, my gold balance was around 4 million coins after that. During this session I also noticed a bug with daily quests - they show up as complete on the map screen but they remain in daily quests section (so you can complete them indefinitely) and there's no "X" button to remove any of them.

Today I entered the game and saw that my progress for the last session has been reset, Iron Curtain doesn't have a set item in vault and gold balance has gone down to 800K. My second char Telion has returned to level 40. The issue with daily quests persists, so I am afraid there's something with my online saves not updating and there's no point in playing if my progress would be reset again. What should I do?

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Character progress not saved, daily quests bugged
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