Character Loading Error


I have been unable to load my character for a while now, and at first hoped it was just a lil bug that would fix itself, but it has not. I have verified my files and reinstalled, but I still cannot access my character. My in game name should be the same, and my steam profile is Davidius(daafiejj).

Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Character Loading Error
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219 days ago

Within 2 weeks a patch will fix your character's problem. We would like to thank your patience over the last few weeks.

227 days ago
My character still seems unplayable, the same error still persists to this day. Just thought I'd give an update about that.
243 days ago
Thanks for your offer! We are good at the moment but in case we need a helping hand I will write you then. We appreciate it. 
244 days ago

If I can help getting the issue solved, and not only help myself but also others in the process then I am more than happy about that! I believe it was about a blueprint for a Relic Kataphron Great Axe module, cause it seems it is still craftable on my other char. The thing cost me a lot of credits and a character when I got it then haha.

Hope the issue can get fixed, and I'm happy to help in any way I can!

247 days ago
You are a life saver. Two other players got this error too and both have TAs. The tip you provided might lead us to the solution. Thank you! 
248 days ago

One thing that may have caused the issue is me unknowingly buying an obsolete blueprint for one of my constructs from the command bridge Store, crafting said item, but it being unusable. Afterwards I started getting some weird bugs pertaining the loadouts but nothing major. Some time later the game crashed, and upon restarting gave me the error.

I don't know if it is connected, but it might be useful?

248 days ago
It is concerning the TechAdept, the other character is working perfectly fine.
254 days ago
A quick question: you have two characters with higher levels. Which one is not playable?
254 days ago
The issue was forwarded to our developer team. Their hands are a little full at the moment but they will check the problem as soon as possible. Your patience is kindly asked in the coming period.