Character Loading Error


Unable to load my character after I had to alt+F4 out of a crash. Character name is Maechanis

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Character Loading Error
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15 days ago
The January patch coming out within 2 weeks will remove all Construct modules and blueprints. The characters which are getting error messages should be playable once again. 

Please send us a PM if the patch will not have fixed the issue. Thanks!

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15 days ago
I've had the same issue for quite a while now, is your character fixed by now?
33 days ago

Well still no luck with my character. It is steadfastly remaining unplayable 

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41 days ago
Here's hoping. Must be as frustrating from the dev end as it is for me trying to hunt down the gremlins causing the issue.
43 days ago
Thanks to 2 other reports, we might get somewhere this time. A player reported that he used an obsolote blueprint meant for the Constructs but the blueprint should no longer exist in the game. I presume you used it as well.

3 reports came in about the same error and all chars are TA. Something is fishy here but we hopefully get this finally fixed. 

44 days ago
Sadly the character and the duplicate are still saying "Character loading error, try again, or try a different character." Seems I have managed to really break my character.
52 days ago

We looked into the case twice already. I'm not sure what else we can try to fix the problem from our end. I just tried something which is not something big but might help: I duplicated your character and transferred it into your character pool. Can you check if you can login with it?

If not, we will give it one last attempt from a dev perspective and also a patch will roll out within around 2 weeks. If neither will help, I can propose the following:

- You will be granted a similar character with the same name, morality points and so. 

- Some high quality items to make up for the loss.

53 days ago
After this much time I would just rev up a new Character to play and stop bothering about that Character at all.

But that is just me.

53 days ago
And still unplayable. 
69 days ago
Sadly my character is still unplayable :(
72 days ago
Could you please check if you can play with your character now? 
75 days ago
So over a week and character is still unusable. Name in bottom left corner of game when logged in is Tal. Is that the account name needed?
86 days ago

Which account name do you mean? Steam or Neocore? kryptick001 or Talven

87 days ago
What is your account name? We need that to identify your account. Please respond back when you have some time. Thanks!