Character keeps moving while holding ability button


I just got the game the other day and this has been bugging me quite a bit, it's most noticeable while using WASD movement/no movement on mouse.

While moving in any direction (let's say you're holding W to go forward), hold down one of the buttons to fire a gun/do an ability attack. While holding that down, let go of W. Every time the gun/ability is on cooldown (and you're still holding that ability button), your character will keep running forward (or whatever direction you were initially holding).

It's a bit odd and appears to happen with all weapons/classes/abilities. It's frustrating to deal with while in the middle of combat.

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Character keeps moving while holding ability button
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50 days ago
I'm glad to hear you guys are aware of the issue, thank you!
50 days ago
Zach Fett
Although I haven't replied, our team found the problem. As it is a lower priority issue we will deal with it only in the long run but we certainly will. 

Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention!

52 days ago
Bump. Still haven't found any way to fix this..
60 days ago
It's 100% not key jamming. I also see others on the Steam forum that have mentioned this bug.
61 days ago
Can you confirm this is not a case of key jamming? This is fairly common for WASD+[1-4] setups.