Can't t connect to the neocore servers


I just spent a quarter of my salary hoping to get a great game. But I can't even get on the menu! I only get "something went wrong while connecting to the neocore servers, please try again later" every time. How can I fix this? I heard reactivation in steam or cleaning of the register can help. Cleaning the registry did not help me, and I'm afraid that steam will not allow me to activate the product with the same key. Maybe you know how to solve this problem? Judging by the discussions, many faced this. It's quite a lot of money for me, I wouldn't want to lose it like that.  

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Can't t connect to the neocore servers
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2 years 271 days ago

great chinese firewall... compassionate..

try windscribe vpn, 2gb free per month

2 years 271 days ago
it used to be fine to connect in China. 

Mais several days ago, I had this issue and had to buy a fuking VPN accelerator to play this game.

Damn it.

2 years 272 days ago
Glad to hear it works with the other Steam account. In that case please make a refund on the older Steam account which players can do if they played less than 2 hours on the given account.
2 years 272 days ago

Countryman almost. I'm from Krasnoyarsk. just make a refund on the old account. it was some error of windows i think..

2 years 273 days ago

Siberia, Novosibirsk.   I had to buy the game again for another Steam account. For some reason, the connection problem has gone away with this account. The game cost me double the price, but I liked it.

2 years 273 days ago

may be... try to use some VPN service over VPN server from another country (Germany for example) for experiment.
where are you from by the way?

2 years 276 days ago

The problem with the connection has not gone. Am I the only one so lucky?

2 years 279 days ago


No any restrictions in Russia at the moment. russian roskomnadzor removed all restrictions from Amazon IPs. I playing on PS4 without any connection problem from Siberia, Krasnoyarsk. via mts provider.

2 years 280 days ago

please note that due to different reasons (mostly because of IP bans and other restrictions in Russia) several players had the same connection error in your country and in most cases a new Windows user with admin rights resolved the problem. Please give it a try. If it won't help please contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you further!

2 years 281 days ago
Im still cant connect.