Cannot Progress Questline Grim Harvest


My game hung at the end of the mission and I had to quit the game.  When I got back into the game I cannot continue my missions by clicking the right trigger.  My journal has the first two steps completed and I am on the third step of the Grim Harvest quest line: "Defeat the Dark Eldar raiders on Clamoris Prime".  When I use the star map there are no missions.  When I navigate to Clamoris Prime there are no missions.  I cannot progress the quest line at this point.  my XB1 GT is qqnubgaming.  Character is 47 Adept Skitarius named Magos Inar Kane

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Cannot Progress Questline Grim Harvest
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135 days ago
@MARCOPOLOCS‍ I was able to finish that quest and continue on.  Thank you!
136 days ago

The issue you reported got fixed on our end please check on it!

137 days ago
It is still in the works. I will notify you here immediately after we resolved the problem. 
138 days ago

@MARCOPOLOCS‍ any update on this?  I'm anxious to continue to playing my Adept Mech.

139 days ago
When something like this happened before, you all are very prompt and willing to help.  While it is annoying that I cannot progress, knowing that you all jump on these goes a long way.  Thank you!
139 days ago
Thanks for reporting the issue, our devs started to check on your progress. In case we handle this from our backend it won't take long. Hopefully a patch won't be needed. 

Sorry for the caused inconvenience.