Can we please have a way to disable executions?


So, the elaborate executions' are while very cool, incredibly bad mechanically.  Can we please have a way to disable them entirely, I know you can disable the elaborate time slow pan thing.  But, your character still does the animations to climb on top of other units and rip their heads off.

The problem with this, you cannot do anything to keep yourself from dying, or to protect units that you are supposed to be protecting for a solid 3 seconds.  I've lost plenty of missions purely because if you hit something that can have an elaborate execution with a melee attack or are simply close enough as it dies, you begin said animation.  I've lost enough missions or died because of this that I know kill all of those units with dots and run away OR with a ranged attack.  The fact that I have to actively avoid a poorly implemented mechanic to keep from losing missions is just proving how bad it is.

Please, give us a way to turn it off.  Or have the disable elaborate executions actually disable them entirely, not just the bullet-time and pan.


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Can we please have a way to disable executions?
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