[cabal - point misallocated by misclic]



I allocated the last point i owned into 'cabal council', while looking at every option, thanks to misclic.
Leveling a cabal solo is already hard, but if there's not the least option to avoid or reverse a simple error, while allocating cabal point into tech tree ... Even the chaos couldnt sustain it , true ? Especially  when you have to solo cabal leveling (not by choice, but because everyone left ...).
Any chance that a helpfuldev , please, remove the misallocated point (in the name of the emperor!) ?

cabal = ordo_figatelli

Thank you.

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[cabal - point misallocated by misclic]
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5 years 58 days ago

Could you please drop a message to [email protected] about this matter? I cannot promise we can reset your points but will check on it!