Bug with DoTs


1) The Perk "Persistent Attrition" blinds only enemies without any DoTs. If enemies have a DoT, but don't have Blind debuff, they don't blinded

2) The parameter "Additional DoT duration" in character list changes NEVER. What this parameter means?

3) The base DoT damage is always 40 hp, but the description says "40% of BASE DAMAGE". What is wrong?

0) Compendium and ingame descriptions of  Voltagheist Psalm is differ. WAY?  

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Bug with DoTs
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362 days ago
1. This is perhaps indeed wrong, we will check on it.

2. This was corrected on our end already, will be included in the next patch.
3. We will also check this one but AFAIK it is working properly.

We will also check the description and will change the one with the wrong wording.

363 days ago

I can´t help you much here, but I do hope that some1 expert(s) is and can.

For the most part it seems like the DoT is working correctly as it should be, and in some cases it really just seems to be straight out weird to how it works.

But when this issue was already on the Menu, even at the very start of the Season, one would imagine it is fixed, right?

Some people says it works just fine, others says nothing at all really. And some people just goes around and give you thumbs down for your posts.

The ideal thing would be for one Dveloper to explain these issues.