Are there any plans for permanent price drop for the base game, with more cosmetics sales?


Many individuals I know will wait for Steam sales before purchasing this game. What I'm curious about is whether there are any future intentions to lower Steam's prices permanently and raise the creation of cosmetic things. maybe even a chance to make the core game free to play and have more cosmetics. With all the improvements made, I would really love to see this game succeed. I also believe that this game may have a lot brighter future and a greater population if there were an infusion of new players and cool items for them to purchase from the store. All of these thoughts may have already been brought up in the past, but I wanted to bring them up to see where the future devlopment of the game stands.

Store Page
1 year 72 days ago

There are no plans for these things at the moment. Your inquiry is noted and appreciated though. Be sure to follow our social sites for any announcements that do happen.