Archeotech Relic Skills Not Better than Basic Relics


Some Archeotech relics are dropping as loot or appearing in the Crafting list without their improved Skills

I've listed all the examples I have for you below:

Archeotech Items with No Improved Skills: Bolt Pistols, Power Hammer, Laspistol, Plasma Cannon, Greataxe, Eviscerator, Thunder Hammer, Multi Melta, Power Sword, Heavy Flamer, Autopistol, Power Axe.

Archeotech Items with Improved Skills: Plasma Cannon.

Archeotech Blueprints with no Improved Skills: Shotgun, Plasma Cannon, Multi Melta, Greatsword, Bolt Pistol.

Archeotech Blueprints with Improved Skills: Boltgun, Eviscerator, Grav Gun, Lasgun, Plasma Cannon, Thunder Hammer.


Crafting a blueprint without improved abilities still produces an item with unupgraded abilities.

I've never had an upgraded Archeotech item drop, the Plasma Cannon I have is one I created. I don't know how I got those upgraded blueprints sorry!

This is on Xbox.

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Archeotech Relic Skills Not Better than Basic Relics
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2 years 328 days ago
Yes, but that doesn't stop this being an unusual decision! Just seems strange. It's also strange because you can only do Void Crusades solo, making people choose between coop and loot at least a good portion of the time.

I'm not worried if this is the final choice, but I'd definitely recommend they improve it. Perhaps at least make Ancient and Morality Relics have the upgraded skills and leave Archeotech Relics as they are.

2 years 328 days ago
which is one of the goals of ARPG, farming good gear, isn't it?)
2 years 329 days ago
Really? That seems like a weird decision if it's true, because then you have to hope you get 1) the right weapon 2) the right Archeotech Perk and 3) the boosted skills.

2 years 329 days ago
Not every Archeotech weapon has boosted skills, this depends on your luck whether you get a normal Archeotech weapon or an upgraded one.