Any news for new season on PC or Sororitas on console?


Hi, are things going well?

It's been a while since last update, it would be great to hear that something new is coming in May :)

If not, well, guess I'm going to spend more time in other warhammer games then......

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Any news for new season on PC or Sororitas on console?
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353 days ago

We prepared the patch. The rest depends on Sony as they require the update to go through a cert process before we deploy it. But it's around the corner!

355 days ago
Any word on if the unobtainable PS5 trophy will be fixed at some point, possibly when that DLC class comes out? 
357 days ago

Okay, guess I'm yearning a little too much for heretic blood LOL.

Thanks for the update!

358 days ago
The next PC season is going to arrive probably in June as we usually let the seasons run for around 6 months. :)
360 days ago
Thanks for response !
360 days ago

No exact date yet, but the Sororitas class DLC is nearing a release on consoles! Stay tuned