Another Holy Relic drop issue on Xbox..


On Xbox One my Gamertag is NutsBark .... Issue I'm having is 2 Relic drops to Complete Tier5 of Season of Judgement. Unlike the Common Bug of having it in your journal but not counting.  My problem is they Will Not Drop… I’ve done countless Boss missions on my way to Lv.100 & Still Missing

“Bone Fragment of Chaplain Magrarius” &

 “Notes of St.Eustatius”

Any Help or Info would be Greatly Appreciated.


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Another Holy Relic drop issue on Xbox..
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182 days ago
 Glorious HotFix…. Today is a Good Day

Praise the Emperor 

182 days ago
Hey there, I've completed it for you. You now need to collect just one Shard of Grace for Tier 5 to complete. Cheers!