Ancient Relics


The Ancient Relics concept appears to be flawed:

1. The Risk vs. Reward is not obvious. I guess, the Relics used to be pretty powerful once, but then they got nerfed. And the prerequisites stayed.

[Correction] Actually, the Reward is there. But the technicalities make it seem non-existant. A compendium article on the Ancient Relics with a cross-reference table for names vs. modifiers should resolve the issue.

2. These items cannot be modified. And their modifiers are not at the top of the range. Kind of not smart to even try to unlock those - see point 1. The Archeotech and Morality items seem more preferable.

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Ancient Relics
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121 days ago
That's correct. But they are also a "cat in a bag" - with the currect lack of reference as to what is to expect from the Suffixes.
121 days ago
What I use Ancient Relics for is item slots that don't have the modifiers I want. Need inflict bleed on a heat damage build? Want +4 warfare on your armour? need more enrage tokens? shield drain for your plasma techpriest? no other way of doing those things. Yes the other relics can have their primary and secondary enchants changed but sometimes they are the best thing you can get.

Ancient relics are good (rarely) despite their inability to reroll stats.