Alpah Legion + Renegade miltiaman needs some balancing


I am doing war zone missions with my Heavy Bolter crusader (tactical).

Has suppression immunity, refills healt with ctrit hits, phisical one shots, and the relic heavy bolter effect "20% chance to deal double damage and heal the same amount".

I had the feeling during the leveling with the campaign missions, that the renegade militiaman from the Alpha legion has some short of damage dealing issues. Even when I was overpowered for the mission (+100-200), they managed to suppress me easily and scored waaaaay bigger damaged than any of their representative mobs form other armies.
Now in the war zone missions, this thing shows sequentially more serious.

I just cut trough any army in the first two stages while standing still and face-tanking everything expect Alpha legion renegade militiaman. No chance... can't even stop and spin up the bolter...
I made some googling and saw than there are other people already discussed/reported it on different forums (stem, etc..).

Are there any plans to fix them?

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Alpah Legion + Renegade miltiaman needs some balancing
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2 years 344 days ago

we will check on the issue and will make changes if we find it necessary to balance these enemies!