After they changed there severs a few days ago I can't login to my neocore account


Since the sever change or whatever I can't login in game to my neocore account to continue my game progress and characters. When I put in my email to try and login in game it says that email has already been used and nothing else. No where to sign in or pop up to let me sign, just a spot to enter a new email 

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53 days ago

You might have missed our announcement last week about the end of the online features in Van Helsing: Final Cut. Please read the details here:

55 days ago

I just tried today (October 1st) after a break and I can't log in at all to my account in any of your games, including Warhammer 40K and Van Helsing Final Cut.

I had it set to auto-login and everything, now it won't let me at all; but it works on this website just fine, so I know I'm using the correct info.

Getting a "network error" no matter how many times I reboot in-game.

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67 days ago


The problem has been fixed on our end and the changes don't require a client update so you should be able to log into your in-game account without any issue now.

We tested the fixes and they appear to helped but in case anyone still experiences the same issue please let us know.

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience!

67 days ago
Not sure what changed earlier, it's 5:22pm now, I was playing until around 5pm, I was kicked from load screen to the home screen on the end of my first void run, not sure why but when going to load my character up I got the invalid email or password and I didn't have a neocore account until this happened although I could have sworn I signed up when I got the game. That was when Xbox gave it to hold members, I recently bought the dlc package and was currently playing it when this all occured so how my email changed while midgame is beyond me. Please help moderators