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When I first started playing Inquisitor Martyr, I had to create a name. I don't like the name I created and would like to change it, please? The name that I used to create was Dark Empress. I would like it changed to Empress Jodi, if possible, please? Thanks!

P.S. Love playing Inquisitor Martyr a lot! Keep up the great work!

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Account name change
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5 days ago
Magos Zaltys

Your name is now 'Magos Zaltys' in Inquisitor. :)

6 days ago

I hope someone can help me. I made my account a bit ago  and was hoping someone  can get my in game account name to match here since my in game one is also misspelled and has bugged me enough. It currently is Mago Hyus and I'd like it changed to Magos Zaltys 

26 days ago

@KAZANATOR@PARASYTEVE‍ I also need your current names to make the changes. Please provide them to me and I will quickly set the new ones. :)

27 days ago

Hi, just bought the game and i didn't know that the game doesn't support russian letters can you please change my name to KAZANATOR pls.

31 days ago
Hi! If you're still able to I'd appreciate my username in game being changed to " Parasyteve " ! Thank you guys, love this game lots! <3 
48 days ago
Hiya,  please can you change my username from Bix701 to BixyBoo - thanks in advance.
61 days ago
I misspelled my username «Culloso» can you please change it to COLOSSO
69 days ago

Hello. Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr displays the name Kordenchik. I would like GD Den.

112 days ago
Sure, it has been changed! :)
116 days ago
I feel a bit sheepish asking, but it seems others have had the same issue. Would it please be possible to change my account name from Tathan to PainSalesman? Thank you in advance. 

The Emperor protects!

138 days ago
Sure, it's done!:)
147 days ago
Hi is it possible to change my name? I would like it just as "Avid". Current ingame name is as my profile. Thanks in advance
222 days ago

And can you tell me your current ingame name? We need to identify your account first to change your name.

228 days ago
I know this is an old thread, but it's the only thread that I see that has an active assistance regarding username changes.

Just wondering if it's still possible to make an ingame username change request? I need it to be the same name as my forum name currently "Kaedzki". Thanks!

234 days ago
Can I please have an account name change? I would like my account name to be "DrFecalCrotch". I would greatly appreciate it.
242 days ago
I just made the requested changes!:)
242 days ago

Mistyped my account name too :( Can i get it changed from "spllbit" to "spellbit"?

262 days ago
Sure, what is your current name? :)
264 days ago
Any chance I could get my ingame account name changed to match my current forum name?  RainOfPearls
316 days ago

Could you tell me your current account name?

@PHILTH‍ aww, that made me smile. We changed your account name to 'Dr.Philth'.

317 days ago
Hey, my cat stepped on my hand as I was typing in my account name when the game booted up.

Currently is DrPhilrh, but I would want it as : Dr.Philth
Would that be possible, please?

317 days ago
I set up my ingame account name years ago, any chance it can be changed to JaegerRCC, like my site name?

Many thanks

318 days ago
Just changed it!:)
318 days ago
Hi there, I messed up with the account name too haha.

Any chance I could have mine changed to Aelfred Adams, like my character?

334 days ago

@RED18@B1OMAN‍ your account names have been changed accordingly.

341 days ago


Is it possible to change my account name as well?
When I log in game it shows an my wrong nickname that I wrote, not knowing that it can not be changed. Would love to change it for my actual one: Red18.

Thank you so much.

342 days ago

I want change may name Eugenous to B1oman as in my account.

1 year 178 days ago
We just changed your account name.
1 year 180 days ago

Is it possible to change my account name as well?

When I log in game it shows an old name (Sven) that I haven't used for years and would love to change it for my actual one : Cynical Vector

Thank you so much.

-For the Emperor-

1 year 209 days ago
Thank you so much! You folks are awesome!!
1 year 213 days ago
We changed your account name!