Absurd Ancient Item unlock requiraments


As in the image. Killing 5 enemies with a single attack as Tech Adept? Are you serious guys? Like the only thing that could unlock it is grenades/ kastelan AOE (if it count's) / exploding barrels (if it counts). Event then it's extremely grindy compared to the regular requirements, and feels more like a requirement for psyker or crusader.

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Absurd Ancient Item unlock requiraments
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111 days ago
Ya, Kill 5 enemies with one single attack 100 times. Open it if you really want it. GL.
113 days ago
Yeah nah, shock explode psalm code doctrines will soryt that withye ase, go for nurgling or hound packs, easy as.

Try the kill 200 commander type enemies at your level requirements, those ones suck.

113 days ago
Quick Hint for those struggling in the future: Omnissiah Praise the Maelstrom of Carnage. Made it in one run with Kastelans. Their AoE shock attack counts and makes wonders on that map.