A question on sub classes


Hello Everyone!

What are the significant differences between sub classes specially in higher levels? For example I have a Crusader Heavy Gunner and Assault. And the one thing I notice is they have different starting perks and some stats as well. But at higher levels all the sub classes can can do the same. Am I missing something? Are there any specialties that each sub class have over the other specially at high levels? 

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A question on sub classes
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110 days ago
a quick note though, the starting perk is not obtainable via other means beyond choosing the subclass at start. so while you may not care about the perk it MIGHT matter later when you decide to try to optomise a different playstyle later. this happened to me because one the the best melee perks for crusader you have to choose the melee start to get, but the difference by the end is no enough unless you are a min-maxer
111 days ago

Oh ok thanks! So there isn't really anything significant with the sub classes lol!

112 days ago
Nope, the only thing the sub classes affect is starting perk and slightly different starting stats. After that, everything is exactly the same.