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Those of you who've joined us last Saturday on our recent NeocoreGames stream might already know the details of the upcoming major Patch 2.0 for Inquisitor - Martyr, but in case you've missed it, you can watch the stream below, or check the rundown we've put together. 

For those who are new to this concept: based on player feedback and extensive testing, Patch 2.0 aims to elevate Martyr's qualities as an ARPG, implementing features, pacing and a sense of progression that is more in line with the traditions of the genre.

Some of the new features of Patch 2.0 include a revamped and rebalanced combat, itemization and progression system, an entirely new item tier and new item types, a more challenging and complex endgame, an overall more fluid experience, and much more. It's a huge patch and we're very excited to finally share some info about it! 

We'll talk more about these features in the coming weeks and will check them out in detail. So stay tuned for more! Until then, here's a quick summary of our stream and some of the major upcoming features we've talked about. Of course, this isn't a final list - and absolutely not a patch log - of all the changes coming in 2.0, but we hope it'll give you an idea of what to expect. Patch 2.0 will be a free update - similar to Seasons 1 & 2, and its release date will be announced very soon.

Power rating

  • Power rating of items and characters is gone and will be replaced with Player levels.
  • The maximum level is increased from 80 to 100, but reaching level 100 will be quite the challenge.
  • Mission difficulty will be based on your character's current level
  • You can equip items depending on your character level (you are allowed to wear items 5 levels above your character level)
  • The level requirement of the loot you gain is based on your character level (±5 levels in general)

Faster gameplay

  • We reviewed and edited more than 400 different animations and actions, from movement to active skills. This will ensure a fast-paced gameplay, more in line with traditional ARPGs. 
  • A few examples:
    • throwing a grenade will be faster
    • characters will turn without an arc 
    • weapon abilities will be much faster

Co-op campaign

  • Martyr's story will be available in co-op mode (2-4 players).

Tarot missions

  • The Tarot system will be revamped
  • Tarot cards and their powers will be completely changed
  • Instead of generating Tarot missions, every random mission can be enhanced with Tarot cards, similar to the originally planned system
  • These missions will be more difficult and more rewarding at the same time
  • Players will be able to level up Tarot cards


  • Crafting will be instant and won't require slots
  • New unique blueprints will be added to the game, allowing a higher variety of items
  • The Modify feature  will be revamped


  • Challenges will be a new type of special quests with extra rewards
  • A maximum of 5 challenges can be active at a time per character
  • New challenges will be generated from time to time
  • One challenge can be swapped every day
  • Challenges will be shown on the Star Map
  • A separate leaderboard will be added to Challenge mode


  • Warzones will be revamped with new rewards and new maps
  • They will be increasingly difficult challenges, allowing it to function as a gear-check challenge
  • Completing a level for the first time will give better rewards

Map Fragments

  • Various loot sources will have a chance to contain a Map Fragment
  • Combining Map Fragments will provide special missions with high level endgame loot
  • The Map Fragment missions will also contain hidden clues, rooms, etc.
  • Map Fragment missions are limited, they can only be repeated after collecting new fragments


  • A new endgame item tier will be added with unique active skills.


  • Items will have a chance to contain sockets
  • You will be able to enchant your items  through these, and even combine these enchantments to create a more powerful upgrade to the item.

Unique, evolving items

  • Loot can now contain unique items but powerful stats which are hidden in the beginning
  • You will need to complete challenges to unlock these traits

Other quality of life improvements

  • Faster mission selection: Based on your feedback, we made mission selection and traversing the Star Map faster and more fluid
  • You will be able to access your inventory and swap your gear pieces during missions as well
  • The XP Bar will be visible during missions, and killing monsters will grant your characters XP instantly instead of at the end of the mission
  • The tutorials must be completed only once (with each class), you will be able to skip them on other characters
  • And many more!

As mentioned above, this isn't a final list of the features, but rather a general rundown of what to expect and what we've talked about in Saturday's stream. More will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! If you're interested in what's coming to Martyr or have a question about the patch, drop by one of our upcoming streams! You can also join our Discord channel and follow us on Facebook to receive news about the game.

See the latest stream here, and join us for the next stream on Friday 6PM CEST.

The Emperor protects!

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A first look at Patch 2.0
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5 years 60 days ago

I'm extremely worried about the faster game-play. I love the game's current methodical,tactical feel. I don't want them to turn this game into a spaz-fest like D3.   I would be really upset. Not only because I like this game and don't want them to ruin it for me. But also because I spent $50.00 for this game. I think it's really messed up how you buy a game, and then the developer can go and change it. Possibly turning it into a game you no longer like. It's like doing a "bait and switch". Seriously. It would be like buying a brand-new car. And when you bought the car it was red. And then a month later the manufacturer comes to your house and paints it green. You hate green. You didn't want them to come paint it green. So you ask for your money back, and they tell you; "No".


   I seriously think there needs to be laws about developers being able to make drastic changes to a game that someone pays a "Box-Price" for. Making drastic changes are acceptable for games like MMOs that are subscription based. Where you basically sign an agreement that says that changes will be made to the game regularly. But a game that is a one-time purchase, you should be able to have the option to refuse to download a patch if you don't like the changes. I know that would cause issues for an online multiplayer game. Though they could just make it so that if you don't download the latest patch you cannot play multiplayer anymore,until you do. I'd be fine with that.

    Edited to fix typo.

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5 years 60 days ago
Posted by SnakefistIfSo 5 years 103 days ago

Possibility to change button skills? It was *important* before, now it's NECESSITY. Imagine playing a known item with exchanged skill buttons? A living nightmare!

I had many suggestions and gave quite lots of feedback, but this one is the ONLY I'm adamant about. We need to reassign skills with random rerolls...

Download "X-Mouse Button Control". It's extremely useful. It allows you to set-up separate profiles for each and every game you play, and set-up your keybinds however you want. Whether the game has the option to customize your buttons or not. X-Mouse is completely independent of the games control/keybind options. There have been games that I wanted to play, but I refused to because the game itself wouldn't allow me to change the button layout,etc. After finding "X-Mouse" I was able to go back and play those games because I could set-up my keybindings exactly how I wanted them. It lets you set-up "Simulated keys". For example; say the game has an ability that is on "Left Shift". And will not let you change that. X-Mouse let's choose any key you want, and have that key function as "Left Shift". You can also choose to turn any key you want into a "Toggle", or "Activate on Key-Up",instead of "Key-Down", like usual.  It's very useful. Seriously. Anyone that plays a lot of games and routinely gets aggravated over not being able to set-up your keybinds the way you want should get it. It's called "X-Mouse Button Control".   I feel like I just did a freaking infomercial. lmao

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5 years 60 days ago
Posted by SnakefistIfSo 5 years 103 days ago

Possibility to change button skills? It was *important* before, now it's NECESSITY. Imagine playing a known item with exchanged skill buttons? A living nightmare!

I had many suggestions and gave quite lots of feedback, but this one is the ONLY I'm adamant about. We need to reassign skills with random rerolls...

I'm not quite sure what you mean.
5 years 60 days ago
Posted by Brother Kundari 5 years 101 days ago
So that means this Power Rating will be gone as in completely gone as gone? And nothing will be shown as Power Rating at all anymore?

Seems like an odd choice, though.

It will seem odd,because we've grown accustomed to the way it is now. But I,personally anyway, would prefer having character levels instead. I think that will make character progression much less confusing. The way things are with the gear Quality levels and the Power Rating,it's kind of abstract and hard to understand sometimes. Simply leveling up our characters and having character levels like most other games will be easier to follow, as far as character/power progression I think.
5 years 60 days ago
I like the sound of most of what I'm hearing for 2.0, EXCEPT, the part about making the game fast-paced. One of the main reasons that I like this game so much better than Diablo 3, is the slower, more tactical game-play of Warhammer 40k Inquisitor:Martyr.

 The slower movement of the characters also makes sense,given that we're wearing huge,heavy,hulking, suits of armor. Some of the things that you mentioned speeding up sound absolutely fine. Such as throwing grenades. But please don't do something drastic to speed up game-play, like removing the Laser weapon over-heat mechanic. Or the ammo/reload mechanic for the machine-gun/shotguns. The reason I love this game is because it has a much more realistic, and tactical vibe to it. As opposed to games like Diablo 3, where you have mindless waves of enemies just rushing at you, and you just run around spastically rapid-firing your abilities without a care in the world. I beg you. Please do not turn this game into Diablo 3. Slightly increasing the speed of certain things I wouldn't mind. But please,PLEASE, don't just ramp up the overall speed of game-play and turn this game into some mindless spaz-fest. The slower,methodical,tactical, game-play is what sets this game apart from the others. Please don't try to be something you're not. I'm begging you. 

5 years 100 days ago
The equipment with additional rolls on it was a cool feature Neocore had used in Van Helsing, made the legendary tier items not immediately OP, but they became powerful with use. The unlock methods weren't always just getting kills either, which was cool. Such as a critical damage boost being unlocked by scoring a certain number of critical hits. I am also looking forward to this in the itemization changes, and perhaps more in the way of set gear vs. the "set gear light" that exists now with the version names (which honestly I didn't know existed until I had played for like 60+ hours). Perhaps like relic-class set items, specifically named etc. Either way, looking forward to seeing the patch get deployed and the changes it brings.
5 years 101 days ago
So that means this Power Rating will be gone as in completely gone as gone? And nothing will be shown as Power Rating at all anymore?

Seems like an odd choice, though.

5 years 101 days ago
I am looking forward for changes in crafting. Also equipment with additional properties being unblock after completing challenges looks nice. Power Rating system was nor working so I am happy we go to level requirements 

Otherwise great work guys!!!

5 years 103 days ago

Possibility to change button skills? It was *important* before, now it's NECESSITY. Imagine playing a known item with exchanged skill buttons? A living nightmare!

I had many suggestions and gave quite lots of feedback, but this one is the ONLY I'm adamant about. We need to reassign skills with random rerolls...

5 years 104 days ago
I’m very excited for this and I think it will be better for the game
5 years 104 days ago

Looking forward to all of the content that is coming. My top 3 questions would be are Faster gameplay, Coop campaign and warzone.

Is faster gameplay going to change the suppression system if at all?

Is Coop campaign going to be repalyable on a character that has already finished it?

Is warzone still the same clear every enemy in the room and move to the next one?

Also something that was not mention in the notes is the enemy AI. Any changes to their behavior? A example, right now when you approach a group of enemies, they are just standing around kicking rocks until you hit their detection range(my shooting distance) then they move into positions like cover or man a turret. Is their range going to be increased? So before i get there they are already in cover or on turrets, Kinda how they imperial knight acts in warzone.

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5 years 104 days ago

We are planning to stream next week, the exact date is yet to be set but we will make sure to post about it on various platforms!

5 years 105 days ago
Any new stream tomorrow?
5 years 105 days ago

Those who didn't have the opportunity to watch our streams about the 2.0 patch, can re-watch them under the following links:

The new fast-paced combat:

General discussion about the patch and its content:


5 years 106 days ago

Map Fragments. Would love a Treasure Hunt.

  • The level requirement of the loot you gain is based on your character level (±5 levels in general)

and that is nice too!!

5 years 107 days ago

Don't really see what the big fuzz is. 

Personally I don't mind a Diablo clone, it's still Warhammer 40k and in my world, WH40k wins every time. 

Can't really say until I have actually tried the game with the new patch, but I am curious to how the outcome will be. 

I do enjoy the idea of accessing inventory during missions. I personally can me a bit forgetful at change gear setup based on what mission I do or actually get to Puck up new gear that's better than what I got, of course its only natural to wanna be able to change and adapt during a mission. 

Just as one would in a fps shooter... Youu don't use a BB Gun if  you get a chance to go nuts with a BFG. 

I look forward to checking out this new patch. Kudos to the devs for your hard work! 

5 years 107 days ago

- how will be converted actual WZ relics (those we already have) ? (ilvl from actual stuff = converted to 1:1 ratio, or will it be different, based on the item quality ?)

- Will you explain how skill / perk / powers (from character / items) interact ? (multiplicative or additive modifiers ? in which order ? some show actually flat value, while they are in reality "%", if what some build show is true. And seing the videos, it must be ...)

5 years 107 days ago

Based on the aforementioned, the very first thought was that I want a refund. I didn't pay for the game to get it revamped into a Diablo 3 clone later on. Second thought was that I need to write this in order to tell you what your roadmap would actually do versus what you already have.



Crafting delay is what makes this game stand out and it helps minimise TTK believe it or not to a mild enough level (it has to stay at the Goldilocks rim to be enjoyable). Making crafting instant keeps us at the crafting table when we could be enjoying missions (zero TTK, yes, but with delayed progress due idling in the hub). Instead of dropping the delay, make sure that players have more say on what they receive from crafting. We can wait for that relatively super item we ordered and we understand if it takes more from a character who doesn't have all the related intel and / or materials at their disposal. On top of that, in the middle of missions some related intel might be found that speeds up the crafting process for that one item in the queue. Very few games utilise this method and I'd like to see more games getting it. For an Action RPG, having the right amount of TTK as a part of progression pace is crucial. Game needs to feel flexible and smooth when it comes to pacing or otherwise it feels less rewarding and too strict.


Please make sure that the sockets won't appear over the item graphics. It is agonising to not remember what the item looked like in the slot after awhile. Some people don't care about this detail, but in Diablo 3 it hits my nerves. Why would you design something only to have it hidden by some round spots later on? As a designer this doesn't make me feel comfortable.

Quality of Life Improvements

It's not QoL if it increases TTK to an unnecessarily high enough level or becomes zero and restricts gameplay. The rewarding (lootbox screen) and gearing (the hub) is mostly perfect as it is so we don't need to be able to swap items on the go. This would only make the already simplistic missions suffer from pacing delay due inventory management; it's rather pleasing not to be able to do anything that we know to be unnecessary. It's also pleasing to know that either we do the missions or go home after failing (zero interpretation errors; next time we pay more attention to the briefing).

What I would like you to do is to fix the Psyker skill tome from crashing my game every single time after I am returned to the hub from a mission; thanks in advance. Same thing with the map table; rarer ordeal, but happens sometimes when I interact with it (the map table) after a successful skill setup at the tome (it feels like a delayed crash this way). Hideous bugs I'd say. I've already sent dozens of error notes to Sony and all they can say is that I should update my copy. Please be quick at it. This needs a fix ASAP. Oh and for your information, I bought a copy just couple days ago.

Why would the XP bar have to be visible during ongoing missions? That doesn't help our pacing at all and serves only to clutter the interface. Depending from how the experience accumulation is coded, this could make the game even heavier than it already is (my PS4 Pro sounds like a jet turbine and heats up fast when I boot the copy). I strongly advise to leave the maintenance and upkeep of our gear and character to the hub phase. Leave mayhem where it belongs to and leave it there alone (it likes it, LOL). In other words, dedicate the battleground for the battle and curios related, and leave the rest to the hub where it belongs to. In a nutshell, while I am doing missions let me focus on sharing Sacred Cleansing to the judged when there are judged around me. Anything that delays the Holy Orders will make our God-Emperor most unpleased.

What I would actually like to see is a cleaner arrangement of the item details. It is tedious enough to try focus on the details that matter to my character. Be aware of how colours, shapes, sizes, shades, positions and so on affect the exposure level of written text.

Second most welcome adjustment would be to replace the required touch bar press from closing the mission and instead allow us to draw a symbol on the touch bar. I'm using Advanced button layout and it pains me to accidentally close a mission when I just want to open the minimap to explore or backtrack the dungeon. Talk about minimap, why is the map also visible at the corner even tho I have it open in the middle? At least hide the corner map will you? There's no logic to keep two maps active at the same time. Less clutter for the eyes please.


The game is anything, but stable. Make it run smooth and flexible. Current state with all the bugs and stuttering makes it the least bearable in my collection of hundreds of games; variety and quality driven individual here. In the meantime I have to say that I'm going to drop the game. There's no way I am going to tolerate crashing the way it does it currently. This is mostly why I'm writing this.

This is Fable, signing out.

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5 years 107 days ago
Good points. 

More than 3 perks sounds good and the crit dot is a very important thing!

cant wait for 2.0 :D it sounds good

at the curent state of the game, there is the endgame a littel bit boring. nothing to doo so far.

i play know for a long time warframe and this is an grinding game, but a good form of grinding, that the game gose not bored.

there are many options that will work for an action rpg too.

5 years 108 days ago
so when do we get another stream or some extra details about 2.0?
5 years 108 days ago

I like the current weapon speed.. 

I do not want faster.. :(

5 years 109 days ago

How about performance issues? The game is almost 1 year old and runs like a damn potato.

5 years 110 days ago

- Will the number of max perk be increased ? A fourth one added ? (3 perks per character is not much for 100 lvl ... maube add one at lvl 60, and another one at lvl 100 ?)

- Will more rank from same perk added ? (ie Perk I / II / III > version I / II / III of the same perk being increased , like -10 / -20 / -30% heat generated with heat weapon, per example)

- Can DoT crit, now ?

5 years 111 days ago
- Will favour gained per warzone be capped in function of max WZ level done ? (ie 25 for everyone, with no req., 50 if WZ level 250 succeeded, 75 for WZ lvl 350 succeeded, etc ..) ?

- will WZ rank be account linked, or character linked ?

- will WZ relics prices adjusted (actually, it s just ... ahem !)

- Are map chains on the roadmap (bigger, widder maps with multipath and various ending possible) ?

5 years 111 days ago
nice to see game is not dead.

A few more questions (for next stream ?)

- will consummables become stackables ?

- will character WZ rank remain ?

- If so, will it be reseted ?

- have DoT mechanics been revamped ? (duration, on DoT proc various effects, proximity DoT spray etc ..)

- Will we see WZ with vehicles ? vehicles skill trees ? Weekly events with Vehicles ? Mixed mission in coop (even if story campaign is solo mode for vehicle mission) including player by foot and one in a vehicle, assisting / covering / opening the way for the team ?

- Stupid / funny outfit (even if im pretty sure none of the W40K rights owner will allow you to do it)

- coop / multiplayer lobby (with tons of ppl, just ffs easier meeting and grouping / etc ... )

- will craft allow to build some top items (not all, but just as an alternative to pure loot  * RNG, like in GD, where you can loot / acquire recipes from a few items, that mobs can also drop)

As a temporary conclusion, if you save your game : i'll applaude, and recommend it / offer it to friends and familly.

W40K deserve a nice Arpg, so make martyr great, plz. And you'll get my money with a smile.

5 years 111 days ago

Starmap travelling will remain just that it will be easier to navigate directly into a given system and you don't have to travel much in order to get to your destination.

@CUTWITVIKY ‍we cannot spoil everything just yet, there will be further announcements on what will come but I can tell that terminator armor is currently not in our consideration. 

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5 years 112 days ago

Good work will you consider adding a terminator armor but make it hard to get or some other type of heavy character ( ambot tanatar or maybe a DREADNOUGHT)

Don’t get me wrong 

Love your game  

5 years 112 days ago

Magnifcient work <3

Thank you. Please bring more enchantments/changes.  and unify the release to both PC/PS4/XB1

A Question !!!    About the  " 

  • Faster mission selection: Based on your feedback, we made mission selection and traversing the Star Map faster and more fluid  "

I love the current of Star map navigation  and it gives the feeling am traveling the stars with all the  visual /sound effects

I hope they will not be removed  :( ,  I hope it means they will stay and be improved  <3  

5 years 112 days ago

The platforms will remain separate, there won't be cross platform - at least not within reasonable time.

@KARASTAS1‍ we will soon announce the exact release date so stay tuned and follow us either here or on our official Facebook/Twitter page!

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5 years 112 days ago
Cross platform? 
5 years 112 days ago

All this stuff sounds good, almost too good, so I hope it will be true. I've enjoyed the game so far, but adding more items and variety of game challenges (and hopefully more maps) is what the game really needs.

Cheers Neocore!

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5 years 112 days ago
more than enough reason to return to the fray. sounds like you guys are stepping up in a big way! i'm excited to see the changes!
5 years 112 days ago
By the dark gods this sounds awesome!
5 years 112 days ago
Desolator K5
Speaking of the dlc, i've been checking it out and there are a couple that say "adds a new game mode" but i cant find the details about this mode...where can i check these details out?
5 years 113 days ago
When will this patch be available?

 All of the above sound reasonable and to be quite honest "yes and thank you"

Also 1 more suggestion, when we finish a mission the SUCCESS logo/sign or what it says it covers my character and most of the times im still fighting do sth about it. Thank you a lot.

5 years 113 days ago
Great! Time to buy all the DLC then.
5 years 113 days ago
Desolator K5

Of course you will be able to play the Campaign in Local Coop, too. This means that players will be able to run campaign missions in couch coop so their partners will have a character scaled up to the player's main character just as now in normal coop missions.

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5 years 113 days ago
Co op campaign allows for local co op or only online co op?
5 years 113 days ago
I can't wait to see these changes. I honestly enjoy this game and feel this is the direction it should go in. Thank you for all your hard work. 
5 years 113 days ago
It's seems a new course, a better one. 
5 years 113 days ago

Thank you!