A few bugs I have noticed from 5 hours of playing [PS4]

  1. You can get in a state where you cannot adjust difficulty. I had upped it for an early campaign story mission, then all I had are "side" type missions no difficulty adjustment on all. I was getting OWNED and could not bump the challenge down. Why have difficulty just on some missions and not just add a difficulty toggle in options?
  2. If you change the controller layout, some of the functions get remapped to touchpad. However, touchpad retains its "End Mission" functionality. I chose "Alternate" controller layout as the default felt alien to me,  and I also like to clear maps after the mission is complete. The problem is the touchpad is mapped to both pull up the map and end mission, and if you press it the game ends your mission.
  3. Sometimes when the game comes back from suspend mode, it cannot connect. It just shows "connecting" ... forever.

Not really a bug, but framerate drops are surprisingly high. I play on both a PS4 and a PS4 Pro, and the problem exists on both. I have not tried multiplayer, but would guess the engine struggles even moreso with multiple players spamming abilities.

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A few bugs I have noticed from 5 hours of playing [PS4]
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2 years 243 days ago

thanks for the detailed report!
1. Please note that you can change the difficulty of the missions only in case you run campaign missions! Regular open world missions cannot be changed but as you travel between the sectors you can find easier and more difficult missions.
2. There are a couple of other layouts where the exit button is different from the touchpad. Nevertheless I will consult with our console team if it can be changed on this particular layout as well!
3. We will check this one!
As for the framedrops we are working on this, some considerable changes in this regard are to be expected in the future!