3 cheers to Neocore Games, a company others should model themselves on.


I wanted to congratulate you folks for the fine work you do. I've become an almost irresponsibly tireless aficionado of Inquisitor since picking it up during a promotion on Steam, and I'm not only deeply impressed with the game, but the way you do business. You're actively engaged with the community in discussion forums, always quickly responding to questions about new products and releases. You're deeply dedicated to the products you make, and it's quite clear you're genuine fans of the Warhammer 40K universe rather than simply jumping onto the bandwagon of a popular phenomenon when there are so many painfully mediocre games cashing in on the brand. You really stand out in a world of increasingly mundane and ridiculously greedy developers in the fastest growing entertainment industry in modern times.

In addition to the awesome products, I am impressed by the way you handle the monetization of your games. It would be very easy to turn the Inquisitor model into a ruthlessly greedy, grossly shallow experience and I see no evidence of such. I got the entire package, including Martyr and Prophet with all DLC, for a delightfully generous price, and never once have I been unable to login to play, nor have I found myself obstructed by the pay-to-win wall so common in this genre. Amazingly I've only had a couple of minor technical issues, which is astonishing given the relatively mediocre laptop I play Inquisitor on. Remaining dedicated to the play-to-enjoy model you embrace is one of the best things about your company, exceeded only by the quality of such an exceptional title. At a time where the latest fiasco on the scene concerns a certain well-known demon-themed ARPG franchise and the shamelessly exploitative cash store attached, your company doesn't just make products to sell, but that are a poetic tribute to both your fans and the fictional universes they've come to love so much.

Honestly I sometimes wonder if my partner is considering filing some kind of restraining order against your organization so as to drag me back to Terra from the Caligari Sector more frequently than has been possible since I got sucked into this glorious example of uncommonly exceptional gaming. As someone with a disability that routinely inflicts soul crushing pain I deeply appreciate how thoroughly your creation has distracted me from my own struggles and the increasingly disheartening world we all share. Few games have ever met such an exacting standard of quality for me. The return on my investment would be worth fifty times what I paid for the complete package (please don't lock my account and ransom it back, I can't actually afford that much).

I wouldn't worry about the restraining order though, I can always present evidence of the ungodly temporal investment my beloved has squandered on Animal Crossing to demonstrate the relative restraint of my indulgence. 

Thank you again for all your hard work, loving dedication to your craft, and the game that I have come to love like a mistress since I first took up the cause of the Holy Ordos. You elevate the standard of your artform and provide a shining example to developers and publishers on behalf of your fans around the globe! I hope the billion dollar AAA drudgefeset factories who too often devalue the craft learn from your masterful teachings.

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241 days ago

Well, to a certain degree agree with this. And then there are other things you would certainly not have said, if it weren´t for the fact that you are quite new to this game.

You will know after you been playing for another 500+ Hrs.

Anyway. Enjoy.