20% physical to 20% warp psalm doctrine doesn't work with diversive tactics perk


So I'm trying to see if I can put more debuffs on enemies (lots of good reasons). I put the "20% physical damage is converted to warp damage, gain 20% extra warp damage" psalm doctrine on my inoculator. 

I see enemies die in a purple haze, so I'm guessing the warp damage is happening. However, diversive tactics perk still only applies 2 debuffs per hit (heat & warp vulnerability), as my gun does physical damage. It does not apply a physical vulnerability (I would expect it to be added based on warp damage done). 

Shouldn't that doctrine cause me to apply all 3 vulnerabilities? I am doing physical (heat & warp vulnerability) and warp (heat & physical vulnerability). The target should become more and more resistant to physical and warp damage too. 

Right now there's no difference between having and not having the doctrine in terms of number of debuffs applied via diversive tactics perk. 

Also a suggestion - color code the damage numbers perhaps, split the numbers up per damage ... White/gray for physical hit/crit, purple/pink for warp, yellow/orange for heat... Or something. So we can see what damage type we're doing. 

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