1 bug. 1 (probably a bug and if not then a feature request)


Bug #1

So I finished a mission on the Steam "Martyr" executable and this happened... Not sure if this is a known bug or what exactly happened but it's the first time I've ever seen this happen. Figured I would mention it while asking about Bug #2

Bug #2 (and if not a bug then this is a feature request)
On both the console and the steam versions of the game trying to talk to the Ordos can be a bit tricky at times using a controller. The reason being is every other selectable person/box/whatever has a "click A" highlight thing but the Ordos does not. So until you know exactly where to stand to click it, it's kind of a guessing game. Pretty sure this is just a bug/graphical oopsie but if not then do please add it to make interacting with the Ordos easier.

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1 bug. 1 (probably a bug and if not then a feature request)
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41 days ago
Thanks for the screenshot. The first problem will get fixed immediately in the internal build.

As for the 2nd, we will have to test this out but if there is a problem with the interaction, we will deal with it.

Thanks for the detailed report, it was a pleasure reading it!:)