Reading History For Writing My Own Fictional Story



I m fiction and history geek, and I also doing a 10 to 5 job but I am a writer at heart. I love a blend of history with anime, fantasy and romance. I am just reading a book “Babylon: Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilization” 

The book is interesting to give you many ideas about your next fiction story but the fundamental concept of Babylonian Culture doesn’t allow me from appreciating it entirely. 

Some things that I have read from this book like, I understood the basics of Fertile Crescent’s history among the various alien-sounding terms. The name Fertile Crescent was named by a scientist who highlighted the area occurring with more than 200 mm of rainfall each year and ultimately the region is also crescent shape.  Also I learnt about the construction of cities in Babylonian culture.  Further, I learnt social classes, labour in ancient times, organized religion and in many different ways, their society is resembling with our modern day culture. 


Reading History For Writing My Own Fictional Story
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