"Routing error" - Deathtrap multiplayer co-op



Today I've bought 2 copies of Deathtrap to play co-op with my friend. Too bad it isn't working at all? Are EU servers down? We've got "Routing error" everytime we try to connect to each other games. No matter who's the host it's always same error.  Our region is "PL".

We've tried to activate DMZ on routers to exclude problems with ports etc. Turning off firewalls, antiviruses, adding exceptions for windows built-in firewall, all for nothing. 

Funny that both of us CAN connect to random players servers from diffrent regions like GB or BR.

Please help.


We managed to play togheter via Hamachi virtual LAN, but it's laggy as hell for connected player (all fine for the host). For some magic reason there is no problem with connecting to each other with it. Our ping via Hamachi is varying from 60ms to 180 ms, should be more than enough for this, it's not FPS after all. Game is pretty fun (for the host without lags), but those multiplayer issues are big dissapointment for me and my buddy.

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"Routing error" - Deathtrap multiplayer co-op
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